5 Reasons why SCRUM does work

“SCRUM doesn’t work with us anyway”! I hear this so often

Everyone is unique and so is your company, but if you apply the SCRUM methodologies properly, I am sure that SCRUM will work for you too

With the SCRUM methodology you can really save time and money. Your projects will be delivered faster, better, transparently and with considerably less stress.

And..oh yes.. did I say that already? Your projects will also be completed on time and deliver more customer value.

Do you want to know how? Then read these 5 – FREE – tips!

what are you learning?

What is SCRUM?

Knowledge and understanding of SCRUM

Getting in touch with the basic principles of SCRUM in a practical way

What are the elements

How does SCRUM work?

What are the elements and rules that we must adhere to to make it successful

insight and overview



SCRUM events


improve continuously

By always looking together with the team at:

what went well

What could be better

Continuously improve and strengthen your team.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, not simpler.

Albert Einstein

If you do what you did, you get what you got

Only through continuous improvement, focus and active listening can you create more customer value and improve your business processes.

“I’m still not reaching the customer’s level of service”

“Our service level remains too low, despite several attempts. I’ve hired people, talked to my staff, they all work really hard but we can’t get the customer service level.”

A lot of my people are run out of steam

“It doesn’t seem to matter how many people I hire. Many people run out of steam and fall over in bundles. Too many projects that run late, which means that the workload is continuously too high. There has to be a way to make it work.”

the projects are running smoothly, as is the communication

“It seems that no one can work or communicate with each other anymore. So much goes wrong with this. Projects are not completed on time or the customer is not satisfied because they are not getting what they asked for”

what are others saying about this e-book?

PSM-I training

It was really nice talking with you, sparring, exchanging ideas with you about my future and role as a scrum master. Thank you very much for the training, I learned an incredible amount, and I will immediately put this into practice. to PSM-I exam (and after that for the PSM-II)

profile-picOussama AsbaâScrum Master | Web Developer

SCRUM training

At Ellevate, we organize training and events for female IT professionals. This is where the need for SCRUM training arose. That’s how we ended up with Debby. It was nice to do this training with Debby. She has a very pragmatic approach, she really adapts the training to the needs of the customer. In addition, she has a lot of experience, which allowed her to use many practical examples in her training. This makes it not a very theoretical story, but a lively training.

profile-picDineke Ringle MeijersCo-founder at Ellevate

About me

My name is Debby Eekman, I am SCRUM and LEAN coach/trainer.

I love looking at the processes and the teams together with the customer to see how we can improve this. Better teams can be put together so that people deliver more fun, quality and productivity. That projects and processes continuously improve and deliver measured (customer) value, with less costs, less absenteeism but with much more fun, transparency and without stress!


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