BelBin 360° feedback


Belbin 360° feedback, for anyone or any team curious about their qualities, strengths and/or weaknesses.

For those eager to work better together by understanding and learning from each other.

For managers who would like a good, balanced and complementary composite team.

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This 360° feedback includes a number of steps, described below

Step #1

First, you complete for yourself the questions included in the test.

From this then comes a "self-perception," that is, how you see yourself.

Filling this out will take you 15 min at most.


In this step, you are going to ask some people ( min. 5) to complete this 360° feedback for you as well.

Filling this out is slightly different from your own and takes up to 10 min to complete


Once everyone you asked has completed the feedback, the report can be made.

In it you will then get an overview of how the others see you, in what role they would place you based on the questions posed to them.

Once everything is completed and the report is prepared, you will of course receive it as a pdf in your mail box.

Once you have received it, you can make an appointment to go over it with me.

If you have any questions then, we will of course discuss them as well.

Ask yourself the question, "Do I want a team with brilliant people, or a Brilliant team with people?"

A good team consists of a group of people who are well matched to each other


Task-oriented, down-to-earth and orderly. Turns plans and ideas into practical tasks and pursuits


Extraverted, enthusiastic and skilled in communication. Explores opportunities and makes contacts


Creative, imaginative and unorthodox. Brings vision and new views.


Sensible, thoughtful and rational. Keeps track and weighs all possibilities.


Dynamic, driven and challenging. Puts pressure  on the team and clears out resistance


Brings people together and coordinates team effort. In search of the joint decision


Meticulous and precise. Caring and vigilant to what can go wrong. Connect the dots.


Remarkable, helpful and diplomatic. Listens and supports. The mood maker.


Remarkable, helpful and diplomatic. Listens and supports. The mood maker.

So this is also great fun to do with your whole team.

If you would like, please send me a message to agree on a price

who is this 360° feedback for?

For anyone curious about his/her strengths and weaknesses. Who is curious about what role he/she holds and how or others see it. Who would like to learn a little more about themselves.

For teams of 3 people or more who have a desire to get to know each other better, in order to work together at a higher level, where each comes into his or her own. We can train executive teams, project teams, as well as management, directors and MR in working with team roles.        

The training, or Belbin workshop,  can also be used as a scan for the team, in order to gain insight into what team roles there are and how the teams can best be composed (also with a view to recruitment)

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