Nieuwsgierig wat ik voor U en/of uw organisatie kan betekenen?

Boek hier een GRATIS gesprek, dan kunnen wij samen kijken of en wat ik voor u kan doen.

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Agile is a design philosophy that emphasizes self-organizing teams, collaboration with customers, and iterative development. It encourages rapid feedback and continuous improvement through early adopter cycles.

SCRUM is an iterative, team-based approach to project management that enables rapid response to change. It is an agile project management process where teams plan their work together on a daily basis in 15 minute stand-ups (concentrated talk periods), as well as at regular intervals (e.g. every 2 weeks). The team members then reflect on what they have done; identify what went right or wrong; adjust their tasks accordingly; and then move on to a plan for the next day

LEAN is a business management approach developed by Toyota Motor Corporation in response to the company's challenges to produce quality vehicles at a low cost within a reliable turnaround time. LEAN is focused on providing high quality products with minimal waste and maximizing customer satisfaction..

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