November 28

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SCRUM versus LEANMany enthusiastic SCRUMmers are not a fan of LEAN and vice versa. Why? I really have no idea. I personally believe that they can be used very well next to each other. Reinforce each other!

Lean and Scrum have in common that agility is a central theme. However, where Lean focuses on processes, Scrum is a project methodology. Just think of the day starts that are used at Lean to achieve improvements in the workplace and the stand-up meetings at Scrum.

Positive experiences with one method will lead to a better acceptance of the other.

During this FREE training I will explain to you what the differences are. Why I think they go really well together. But can also be used very well separately from each other

Curious what you think about it? SCRUM or LEAN?

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“the best ideas are the simplest”

About me

I am Debby Eekman and I provide training and coaching in the field of SCRUM and LEAN

“I love to learn, but especially to pass on what I have learned to others. Helping others to do their work more easily, with more structure and above all with more pleasure. I do what I like, and still like it more fun if I can help someone else with that too.”



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Boek Titel

Boek Titel
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